Marketing on “ROIDs” Takes a Different Look

 In Analytics and Insights
Take a look at Dick Patton’s awesome blog: 
It’s a great new way to look at marketing. Customer-centric view to supplement the traditional marketing mix. More than the age-old “4P’s” (product, place, placement and promotion).
But first, let’s toss about the truths, so we all understand them.
  • Customer-centric view will driven by new analytic techniques for “Insight about customers”.
  • You can’t be “Responsible” if you don’t know your customer. Now can you take “Organizational leadership” if you don’t know customer concerns.
  • Mastering “Digital marketing” is great, once you know what you want to say.Inare essential to besting the competition.

Insights are the Real Marketing on ROIDS

For example, they help companies understand who their customers are. They give insight into what and how they buy. Think about it. How great would it be to know your installed base by vertical? Or geography? What about when and how they purchases in relation to other products? Or even channels for buying and servicing?
The most useful customer insights analytics move beyond basic demographics. They detect underlying relationships between variables. They tell us about our customer today and what they’ll want tomorrow.
Insights can also enable you to identify underlying groups of customers. You can measure how they change, too. How great would it be to know whether a customer is solutions-oriented or and ad-hoc buyer? So what about size and breadth of your products’ deployment or anything else you need to know.
Customer insights is more than data in an Excel pivot table. By transforming customer data, you can build models to explain, explore, and predict. In sum, you’ll know your customers in completely new ways.
Reliance on data and analytics means no more guesswork or assumptions.  It gives you and your marketing peers the power to know.

Want Marketing on ROIDS?

It’s easy.  So every marketer needs to introduce themselves to their IT department. They need to become advocates for clean customer data. For great analysis. For the insights that build and keep market leadership.
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