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This return on investment or ROI calculator is a great example of the power of interactive content. Field Service Management app FieldAware connects business to customers using a mobile application. It drives productivity from field workers while providing real-time information and reporting to the back office

So FieldAware adds up to cost savings and productivity gains. And it’s an app where an ROI calculator is an especially powerful marketing and sales tool.

For use in demand gen and sales enablement, we developed an easy-to-use and engaging business assessment and ROI calculator showing how FieldAware means savings.


Drive Engagement, Qualify Leads, Learn Emerging Use Cases

The aim of this interactive content was two-fold. First, it needed to gather information about the prospect in the form of an assessment. Second, it needed to provide useful cost savings and ROI info to prospects. Like all the best calculators, it needed transparency for credibility with assumptions. All while driving engagement and qualified leads.

Meet many goals with interactive content


ROI Calculator: quick survey and show value

Drive Qualified Leads with an ROI Calculator

The calculator’s assessment was built to get information on how companies use field management services applications. As you can imagine, it has some obvious buyers like home repair businesses or telecom technicians. Beyond that, the assessment was meant to uncover new use cases while providing value to the prospect.


An ROI Calculator to Qualify and Close Customers

The result is a 6-minute assessment and ROI calculator built on real industry research. Prospects simply estimate labor costs, billing rates, contracts, and other key inputs. They then see how much Fieldware adds up to completion rates, productivity, and inventory loss improvements impact overall operations costs. While it also helps its customers sell more too.

So for demand gen, it drives engagement and qualified leads. For product management, they learn about new ways field management services improve operations for mobile professionals everywhere.

Learn more about how to make a great ROI calculator reading the 5 tool rules.

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