How the Facebook Meltdown Affects Marketers

3 Minute Read July 26th 2018 was historic for the stock market and for Facebook. Its stock declined about 20% for a market capitalization loss of $113 billion in one fateful day. We’re not [...]

Matching Positioning and Messaging Development to Your Growth Stage

4 Minute Read A strategic positioning and messaging framework evolves with company lifecycle. But it bears reinforcing that just as positioning and messaging change, development methods change, [...]

4 Steps to Effective Win Loss Analysis

  3 Minute Read In the game of growth marketing, not every ball ends up a home run. That’s expected in the upward trajectory of any growing company or new technology. Don’t disregard those [...]

Data Management Platform and Ad Tech: Barclaycard on the Adobe Ad Cloud

Time to Read: 4.5 minutes Last week, we attended an event on the Adobe Ad Cloud. To be exact, a Barclaycard marketer talked about her experiences with it. Before we dive in, let’s first take a [...]

Best Marketing Data Sets for Market Analysis and Lead Gen

  Time to read: 4 Minutes   So how can a company get its hands on the best marketing data sets? We’re not talking about marketing reporting technology, but data that they might [...]

Can Artificial Intelligence Write Effective Marketing Content?

  Time to read: 4 Minutes Compelling marketing blogs and content that inspires action, at its deepest root, is emotionally-driven. You read about a new app, imagine how easy it will make [...]

Start Using Machine Learning to Improve Marketing

Time to read: 1.5 Minutes   Machine learning for marketing is getting more and more attention. Last November, Entrepreneur published the 5 Reasons Machine Learning is the Future of [...]

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