Our handy growth marketing infrastructure cheat sheet shows 10 main categories of marketing functions – along with its marketing technologies – that propel  growth.  Our cheat sheets say there’s 11, but that’s including the “other” category.  And, as you can imagine, it’s a pretty big category.

These growth marketing infrastructure cheat sheets also classify levels of marketing technologies.  To be simple, there’s beginner or basic, intermediate, and enterprise.  Definitions are tied to the interrelationship of marketing budget, expected growth and market type.  Note, big companies can use basic tools and small ones often use enterprise MarTech.

Broad Levels of Growth Marketing Infrastructure

Basic/Beginner: small, niche market, small marketing budgets, or expected revenue growth of less than 5% or just starting up

Intermediate: web site traffic is growing, prospect list is growing, firmly outgrown trial or freemium plans, or a good grower with expected revenue growth at around 10%

Enterprise:  prospect and customer list is already very large, you’ve got a big marketing budget and marketing programs to match and very lofty revenue growth goals.

Companies that are new to the marketing function, or if you’re in a niche market, it’s best to start with the technologies in the basic or beginner category.  Just starting with the basic tools helps to cost-effectively get going and learn your needs.

There are some exceptions, though.  For example, if you sell to a fairly large market and have a very well-capitalized marketing budget, consider going big.  Or, if you’re planning for rocket fast revenue growth, skip the basic tools or plans.

The reason: switching marketing technology tools costs time and resources.  If you expect to be enterprise-class within 18-24 months, it’s best to start with enterprise plans. Maybe for not all function, but at least for marketing automation, customer relationship management, and social media management.

So how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your growth marketing infrastructure?

Moving beyond basic tools – If you’re taking advantage of 80% of a current tools’ functionality and find that you have needs it just cannot meet, it’s time to upgrade.

If you’re uncertain, reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

Finally, please share generously!  Don’t keep our cheat sheets a secret!

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