Growth Begins with Planning

Without good planning and a growth marketing strategy, your Really Big Idea can’t find happy customers. Without a plan you may not have enough supplies or the right gear. Meanwhile, those hungry, growling and aggressive bears – your competition – hope you stumble.

To win, you need a good ground game

Find your way with a great growth marketing strategy & marketing campaign plans

First, agree on your business goal.  Second, make sure market sizes and pricing can yield enough revenue.  So know your your total addressable markets and targets.  Third, craft your growth marketing strategy with budgets as well as marketing qualified lead and revenue goals.

A quick example of how it works
  • Business goal: Enter the market with a new enterprise security SaaS service
  • Total Addressable Market: At .05% market share at the end of year 1 of our total addressable market, we need to charge $100 monthly fee per subscriber to reach our revenue goal.
  • Growth Marketing Strategy: To move out of beta, focus on a single, key vertical where there is demand. but the vertical is small enough to successfully meet it without killing the company and large enough for revenue goals.
  • Campaigns:  Enter the SaaS market by targeting utility companies with more than 1000 employees – they have big need and it’s a small vertical.  To do this, we create a webinar targeting utility IT security and advertise it on social media targeting our buyer profiles.
Don’t let the creeping Time Beast foil your quarterly revenue goals!

Push for the Summit

Is your climb to the top a straight shot?

Or does it detour into dangerous territory?  Let’s clear the way together.

Get to the Top with Our Growth Marketing Strategy and Planning Services

Market Opportunity Sizing to Define your Addressable Market

So you’re entering an existing market or creating a new one. You know that marketing needs to align with resources.  You really can’t do that without crucial market sizing. This is especially true for SaaS applications, and event more if it’s niche is small.

We’ll customize our proprietary market size planning model to make sure your US market is large enough at proposed pricing. Our market sizing estimates ensures that your addressable market can to yield growth-sustaining revenue and margin.

Customer Journey Maps for the Right Message at the Right Time

Another important map is one that maps your Really Big Idea’s customer buying process. A customer journey map shows how buyers interact with various marketing channels as they move from an in-market shopper to lead to prospect to customer. Done right, it is all-encompassing about those interactions; it includes what people expect, do, say, experience, and feel.

Starting from an in-market shopper to the customer lifecycle, we’ll make sure prospects and customers are armed with all the info they need to ultimately buy your Really Big Idea. You’ll have a map where your brilliant content is mapped to a buyer journey stage, moving prospect to marketing qualified lead to sales qualified lead, to sale… and finally, to renewal.

Growth Marketing Strategy Maps to Focus Resources

A growth marketing strategy map is the plan that rockets your Really Big Idea past the competition to a solid place in the market. The marketing strategy map generally covers messages, any launch plans, demand generation programs and campaign activities for each year, quarter, and month.

We create a marketing strategy that outlines needed content assets, as well as how and when to use them. It’ll cover the timing for creation of those marketing assets – from inception to layout. This way, demand generation keeps leads moving through the pipeline – and your revenue – stays on schedule.

Marketing Campaign Battle Plans that Crush It

A Marketing Campaign Battle Plan plans the details. We get down to brass tacks, figure out how to optimize or re-purpose content assets, and implement your epic growth marketing strategy. Basically, it’s who does what for which marketing channel and when.

We create campaign battle plans a quarter prior to actually launching, striking that tricky balance between resources and goals. To that end, no surprises.  Marketing campaign battle plans include all content requirements and a schedule of all content assets, big and small, for all funnel stages.

So, our marketing campaign battle plans are essential to:

  • Moving prospects through funnel stages
  • Getting the most mileage out of content investments

Finally, our marketing campaign battle plans boost your Really Big Idea, getting it on a straight trajectory to happy customers.

Plot Your Plans

Can't find a map? No worries. We'll share ours.

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