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It’s not enough to create great content, every marketer needs to create great content that can actually be found. So what’s the best way to make that happen? What should content marketers do?  Here are quick and easy content creator SEO tips that make writing marketing content a breeze.

7 Easy Content Creator SEO Tips Every Marketer Can Follow

Before going on, writing for SEO gets easier and easier.  Like anything we do in life, practice makes perfect.  While writing that first blog post for SEO might take hours, by the time you write the 10th, it won’t. You’ll get a feel for how for the flow, and keyword placement like it’s an involuntary brain function. We promise.

Tip 1: Change your Thinking.

It’s not about writing what you want people to read. Since the goal is to be found, you need to write and use the words that people search for now.  And while you consider the way people will be searching for in the future.

This is especially important for technology companies. After all, many create products or services that are recently invented or created, so there isn’t much searching going on for it.

Tip 2.  Develop a keyword strategy.

Especially for new products and services, you need a strategy to write using keywords people search for now, while talking about the new market you’re trying to develop.

Let’s give an example:

There’s a new kind of 3D printing – freeform 3D printing — that prints synthetic materials in native fluid forms that cure and harden.  No one is searching for this quite yet.  So you choose a keyword like “software 3D printing” that gets about 8100 monthly searches.

Tip 3.  Use a tool for quick keyword research.

Even the freebies like WordStream or Ubersuggest help a lot.

Here’s a favorite content creator SEO tips for inspiration. investigate the market leaders’ top keywords. And then obviously choose ones that get a lot of traffic that you can work in your copy without sounding like you’re well, working it into your copy.

Tip 4: Pick a keyword phrase that balances a few goals.

You need to make sure that the keyword:

  • Hasn’t been used in the website before AND
  • Uses as few or no “stop words” like in or the or an AND
  • Is one that people actually search for OR will be AND
  • Has a good shot at ranking for it

Since not all pages and posts can use the term you’re really trying to develop as a keyword – in this case,  “freeform 3D printing”, you need to do variations on it like:

Why freeform “3D printing helps manufacturers or

Freeform “3D printing prints new products

Another example is:

“Best 3D printing approaches” for printing native fluid synthetics that cure and harden

“Best 3D printing methods” for manufacturers

In case you need to be told, the keywords are the the words within the quote marks.

Tip 5.  Use your keywords throughout the page.

Armed with your keyword phrases, each page/post needs to use it the following for SEO in certain places in the page/post.

At a minimum, place the keyword phrase:

  • On a post or page title (in the H1)
  • In the very first paragraph of the page/post – close to start as possible
  • In at least one H2 or H3 heading – add it to concluding header b/c it’s an easy fit
  • Throughout the content to hit a certain density – 3% of the total words. Use a tool like this to test your copy.

Tip 6: Write so different target readers or buyers understand your copy the first time they read it.

This means using simple words even when the topic is very technical. Of course, use technical words, but define them. Going back to our 3D printing example, they print urethanes. For example, we can write:

Urethane refers to at least three different substances: ethyl carbamate, carbamate or polyurethane.

Or we can simply explain what is it, like:

Urethane is a type of finish applied to many products to provide protection against weathering, scratches and    temperature.

If you’re a PhD chemist, the first one is for you, but if you’re not, the 2nd one is better. So as a marketer, the content creator SEO tip to follow is to write so your buyer is your primary concern.

One more thing that helps with reading comprehension and SEO loves it…transitional words. Use them abundantly. At least 30% of sentences need to include a transition word. It’s sometimes tough to do without sounding like an idiot. So if you need to sacrifice it, then go for it.

Tip 7:  Never deviate from SEO page title and meta description length guidelines.

You know that paragraph you see when you search and article appears. Google cuts it off at 160 characters, so write it to make sure it makes sense using 50–155 characters – to include keyword phrase in it and work in Call-to-Action

The Last Word on Easy Content Creator SEO Tips

Ultimately, effective marketing content that gets organic eyeballs takes 3 things.

First comes keyword research and then next comes ingenuity and resourcefulness.  And neither can happen without market and product knowledge. Without either one, a keyword might as well be just another word.


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