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There is truly no online substitute for participating and living in a real, live community. It’s more than a chance to connect with people who value the same things we do. Community gives us energy. So, at best, the online world augments the one we wander and wonder through on a daily basis.

No Place Quite Like Washington, DC

The Washington, DC area is a unique local market with combination of industries not found anyplace else on earth.

In addition to government, advocacy, law firms, and government contractors, there’s a vibrant private sector.

We are home to 17 Fortune 500 companies, including Marriott, Capital One, and Hilton.  As the birthplace of the Internet, we’re the leading US region for data centers, IT-related security, and big data. For the second year in a row, we’ve been voted the top region in the US for startups.

With some 80 firms so far, we even have a growing slate of marketing technology companies here, too.

Obviously marketing is changing – along with how consumers and enterprises buy.

This is precisely why DC area marketers need a place to learn, connect, and share information about the leading edge marketing technology that is changing our world.  Marketing professionals throughout DC, Northern Virginia, and suburban Maryland desperately need a place to grow.

That’s why we started the DC Marketing Tech Talks community.

We're the force behind DC Marketing Tech Talks

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    The Story on the DC Marketing Tech Talks Community

    Founded in 2015 to give marketers a place to connect and learn about the rapidly evolving MarTech landscape, DC Marketing Tech Talks organizes monthly meetups, as well as MarTech Magnified the area’s only MarTech-focused annual conference.

    Our all-volunteer organization educates marketers and entrepreneurs across the DC area. With more than 1000 community members and growing, we’re the largest organization of its kind in the DC area. Members work for DC’s largest firms, hottest startups, MarTech firms, non-profits, agencies, and government, representing the full spectrum of marketing functions.

    Please join the DC Marketing Tech Talks community and come to our next meetup! We’d love to meet you.

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