Go to Market with Customer and Market Insights

Whether your service, product, program or market is new or established, finding the path to prosperity is like finding your way through Yellowstone in winter without a map. But to get where you want to go, you need direction. That’s only possible with data and analysis, the kind that reveal game-changing customer and market insights.

Data & insights for smarter decisions

Smarter decisions for better results

A solid direction — one that prevents you from wandering the marketing wilderness – is critical.  Of course, required insights are different for everyone. After all, no two organizations have the same products, services, customers, markets, challenges and budgets.

But the Time Beast threatens, bears constantly prowl, and supplies are not limitless. Getting the most effective customer and market insights balances budgets, goals, data sources, methods, and time requirements.

Get valuable insights by knowing your biggest questions

If answered, they change your business. With limited resources, focus on the truly business-changing questions.

Is it to know prospects and customers better? Messaging, positioning, feature feedback? How markets segment? Or buyer personas who love your Really Big Idea?

Next figure out the right data sources. Is it primary research or third party data you buy? Or perhaps it’s internal data from marketing automation, digital ads, web analytics or customer experience?

Scout your path with customer and market insights

Customer experience measures, responds and improves interactions along the customer journey with you. Of course, interactions happen everywhere. So it really means that you collect all that interaction data points, analyzing that treasure trove for customer and market insights. Done right, every organization can improve products, experiences, operations, and marketing.

So if you fancy making smarter marketing and planning decisions while avoiding painful, learned-the-hard-way lessons, blaze your trail with market and customer insights.

Take the pulse of your customer experience

In the Dark?

Beat the Bears, Tame the Time Beast

The wilderness can be dark. Good thing our experts brought night vision goggles, giving you every advantage.

Get Smart with Customer and Market Insights

Get Ahead with Market Research

Markets change – fast. Buyer needs and preferences evolve. Competition enters and departs in a constantly shifting landscape.

Isolating business-changing questions- the basis of the most valuable insights – is a rare skill. Nobody is better than we are. With decades of experience in marketing analytics and insights for fast-moving tech, we’re got a rich market research insights toolkit. From internal data analytics and machine learning, messaging and positioning research, secondary and primary research, surveys, focus groups, or in-depth interviews, we can scope research to fit any goal, budget, data source, and timeline.

Surge with Market Segmentation

The best marketing is built on segmentation.  It reveals buyer groups, including high value segments, that make up your market.  In addition, it also yields knowledge of needs, values, attitudes, behaviors, and demographics.

For a 4K picture of your market and segments, we expertly use all available marketing data, such as web traffic, ads, social media, marketing automation, and CRM.  Using regression, factor analysis, K-means clustering, and discriminant analysis, we build a robust and actionable market segmentation that guides activities for years to come.

Prosper with Persona Profiling

While segmentation describes your market’s bones, persona research adds the flesh.   For high value segments, our persona profiling brings them to life, giving you deeper insights of prospects and customers.  With info from personal interviews, you’ll better craft marketing messages, content, channels, user interfaces, customer experience and marketing campaigns.

Whether your project needs persona development or refreshment, our persona profiling productively and efficiently guides you to new demand.

Stay Strong with Customer Experience

Bad news travels fast, so all organizations must keep customers happy.  With each and every interaction.  This is where customer experience enters – to measure, respond and improve customer interactions.

Of course, interactions happen everywhere.  Think texts, mobile apps, and web site feedback.  Then there’s email surveys, chat voice surveys, and social media.  In addition, they happen with contact centers, actual product or service experience.  These data sources are a goldmine of customer and market insights. Properly analyzed, every organization can improve products, experiences, operations, and marketing.

We integrate customer experience platforms for reporting customer and market insights – to guide you to happy customers and a thriving organization.

Shed Some Light

In the wilderness, it's always darkest before dawn

Outshine competitors with the right insights from the right data

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Team Up

Be Ready to be Part of a Team

No one should ever go it alone. Stay close to a team with diverse marketing skills, and let's all partner for your success.

Be Prepared

Your Plans, Your Confidence

Preparation includes good research, a good plan and the right gear. With it, you’re confident. Without it, you’re more likely to have problems, get fearful or make bad decisions – all avoidable.

Stand Out

Strive for Uniqueness

In a world full of boring (static, lazy, insert badness of your choice here) content, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. Make every idea, design, campaign, and marketing asset, break new ground - not just retread the same, old path.