Early Adopting Customer Personas Propel Growth


To plan marketing for a major new TV service roll out, a telecom firm wanted persona profiles of early adopting customers. So using many data sources, we analyzed them to learn about early adopting customer personas. Armed with quickly created persona profiles, the telco created marketing campaigns targeting young families with family-oriented messages. It was a big step that helped grab market share for their new TV service business.


Learn High-Value, Early Adopting Customer Personas to Improve Sales

Sales by video head office was highly inconsistent among the early service locations. Some local markets really outperformed.  So, to prepare for rapid service expansion, this telecom and TV provider needed a deeper understanding of what drove new sales.

Specifically, they wanted to know about early adopting customers in high performing sales areas to improve marketing campaigns everywhere.

What personas are early adopters?


Internal data + Open data sources = Fast answers

Transform Monthly Customer Reports, Add Demographics to Do Regression Analysis

So, we built a data set using the following sources:

  • Internal monthly reports of subscriber numbers
  • Internal reports of service area zip codes for each video head office where TV equipment is kept
  • US Census data, American Community Survey data, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) data for demographics
  • Days service was on the market from press releases

Then with our merged data set, we imputed monthly growth rates and market penetration rates per TV equipment service area and market penetration changes in them.

Last, we did a series of regression analyses to turn up some pretty logical findings – the biggest predictors of purchase:

  1. Household with young children under ten years
  2. Homeowners in newly constructed homes
  3. Above average income

Focused Marketing Campaigns Targeting 3 Personas

Basically, these are households with high disposable income, parents who are stuck at home with young children or new home buyers who need to shop for a new TV service anyway.

We like this case study because it creatively and cost-effectively used data for fast, accurate answers without slow primary research.

Personas profiles then led to marketing campaigns with family-oriented messages – a big step to help the new TV service grow and grab market share.

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