TCO Calculators for Sales Enablement Effectiveness


As a part of a new partnership launch, Brocade and McAfee wanted to showcase its offerings. To demonstrate to prospects the value and performance of the partnership, they wanted a compelling campaign. What’s better for demand generation and sales enablement than interactive content like TCO calculators?  This time, we created a tool showing Total Cost of Ownership known as TCO. The integrated campaign included several content assets: not only did we deliver a beautifully simple and compelling TCO calculator, it came with a white paper of how to apply the calculator.  In addition, it included both partner training and sales training presentations to make sure the campaign was a knockout success.


Close More Deals Faster

They competed against the 800-pound gorilla in the enterprise security market. Winning against them is much easier when you can show prospects the value.  So these two partners needed to show the total cost of ownership advantage in the entire product line. In other words, they needed to show buyers of all sizes the performance and financial gains of using both vendors’ products. And TCO calculators do this better than any other marketing or sales asset.

Effective sales enablement tools


TCO calculators are the most effective sales enablement tools

TCO Calculators Deliver for Marketing and Sales

The TCO calculator showed significant financial, performance, and security gains over the competition.  It, of course, also compared costs of buying and managing the joint solution compared to competition.  In addition, we made sure that the TCO calculator would be a great closer by adding an interactive feature comparison. Like all of our TCO calculators, it had beautiful design that was easy for prospects, customers, and sales teams to use.


A Successful Partnership with Healthy Sales

The result for the partnership was excellent, as TCO calculators are always a hit with sales and customers alike.  To make sure the tool delivered, we created training presentations for channel partners and for both internal sales teams.

Finally, the campaign also included several marketing content assets aimed at marketing the tool. To increase awareness of the tool, we wrote blog content, a white paper, and social media.

Both Brocade and McAfee used the campaign until McAfee was bought by Intel just over a year later.

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