The 5 Rules of Tools:  Making Better TCO and ROI Calculators

We love interactive calculator tools because they’re high impact sales and marketing assets.  Properly done, interactive tools like return on investment (ROI) or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculators are probably a tech firm’s most productive evergreen market content asset.  With easy updates for pricing changes over time, TCO and ROI calculators accelerate sales cycles for years.

They’re also super flexible.  Great for product launches to prove the economic case, TCO and ROI calculators are useful in different places in the buyer journey.  Take a quick look at the 5 rules for tools to make sure yours is a smash hit.

Tool Rules for TCO and ROI Calculators

  1. Get clear on goal
  2. Think of the whole marketing program, as
    opposed to a “one-off” calculator or campaign
  3. Make the right trade-off on tool complexity – by
    who uses it and how
  4. Start with making a more complex tool and simplify it for other marketing assets
  5. Test, test, test, and test some more

Rule #1 seems obvious, but it’s 100% non-negotiable, absolutely essential to get clear on goals.  If you’re at all unsure about goal details – take a good look at Rule #3 which outlines the complexity continuum.  One one hand, TCO and ROI calculators for lead generation must be simple with a few inputs.  On the other hand,  TCO and ROI calculators for sales enablement are more complex.

Rule #2 also seems obvious. Yet, it’s hyper, no-bull important to remember that TCO and ROI calculators do best as marketing programs.  This means they come complete with other marketing assets.

For example, the program might have blog posts and a few customer case studies applying TCO and ROI calculators.  It might also have a fun infographic.  Think of it as TCO and ROI calculators might be the main course.  As side dishes, other marketing assets make them way easier for prospects to digest and apply.

If you have questions, drop us a line. We’re ridiculously good at helping you make TCO and ROI calculators that crush it.  Take a look at how a good calculator is a lasting marketing campaign asset.

As usual, share generously and don’t keep the rules on TCO and ROI calculators a secret.

Duration = 5 minutes

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