Marketing Content for Buyer Journey Stages

Yes, we know you’ve already seen a sales funnel a thousand times.  However, this cheat sheet shows the types of marketing content for buyer journey stages.

Two things to point out, though…

First, let’s properly manage expectations of moving buyers through the pipeline.  Not all products need the exact same marketing content for buyer journey stages.  Not all prospects need all content assets, either.  The only parts of the funnel that are certain is the top and the bottom.  It’s marketing content for buyer journey: stage 1 that gets a prospect into the funnel in the first place.  And it’s great sales enablement content that helps close deals.

Products in new markets – or expensive products with longer sales cycles – simply need more demand generation.  Demand generation is really education and getting buyers for totally new ideas and for very expensive products takes more time and more content assets and types.

Second, as everyone in technology knows, business models in technology are shifting.  Purchase + annual licensing fees are giving way to subscription fees. So now, it’s just as important to serve that last stage of the buyer journey – t when a prospect is a customer.  Now marketing content for buyer journey must include marketing programs for current customers.

Hence, it’s increasingly critical for every marketing department to focus on strong customer relationships.  If you’re a new company, make customer success, loyalty and retention part of your culture and walk the delicate balance of reaching for new while keeping your customers.

So, keep this simple reference chart nearby as you plan marketing content assets.

Oh, and don’t forget that friends share great content with friends!

Duration = 3 minutes

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