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Demand downshifted from sky high growth. Add more competitors, more top level domains, and social media to the mix and a major domain registry vendor needed to juice registrations.   First stop was a less popular Top-Level Domains (TLD). Our analysis of the TLD uncovered new customer insights and a fast growth strategy that added big dollars to the bottom line in no time at all.


Amp Slowing Growth

Domain name demand growth fell.  There were more and more competitors, more top level domains, and now social media to slow demand. They needed to find new demand.

New sources of demand


Custom research framework, manual data collection

Random Sample of Domains + WHOIS Data + Custom Data Framework for New Customer Insights

Learning about current domain customers was the first step to crafting a new marketing strategy.

After drawing a random sample of customers, we gathered data to describe the domain buyer and usage of the domain. It was a manual labor of love, but usually it’s this creativity and grit that delivers the golden marketing insights.


5x Faster Sales in 6 Months

Key findings were not only fascinating, but outrageously actionable.  We found that most domains registrations came from two non-English speaking countries, Austria and China.

Oh, and since economics drive everything and the competing country domain was four times more expensive, this TLD thrived.

The best part of uncovering new customer insights was the growth hack discovery – that Chinese customers tended to register domains that made no sense in English. Further, the Chinese paid fees for on average for 3 years  – much longer than the average for 1 year. Once a domain got registered, a pay-per-click vendor would then register the .com and .net versions. The TLD got a three-fer without diminishing domain inventory in English.

With these incredible market insights, the strategy was dead obvious – market the top level domain in China. They did and registrations quintupled for this previously neglected TLD in only 6 months.

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