2019 IoT Takeaways: Lessons from IoT Slam Live


Ways to Do Better Marketing Tracking Studies



Start Using Machine Learning to Improve Marketing

Time to read: 1.5 Minutes   Machine learning for marketing is getting more and more attention. Last November, Entrepreneur published the 5 Reasons Machine Learning is the Future of [...]


Machine Learning for Marketers: Tiny Primer on a Huge Topic

Time to read: 5 Minutes   At an upcoming DC Marketing Tech Talk, we’re diving into machine learning for marketers.  It’s called ML for short. This technology helps marketers with [...]


5 Considerations for Choosing Location-based Data for Marketing

Time to read: 3 minutes Mobile marketing, empowered by location-based data, is big.  According to BIA/Kelsey, mobile advertising alone is nearly $20 billion in 2018.  Big markets mean marketers [...]


ABM and Choosing B2B Target Accounts

  We talked about B2B Account-based Marketing (ABM) in our last DC Marketing Tech Talk.  For those of you new to ABM, it’s a strategic approach where marketing and sales teams first [...]


Account-based Marketing Best Way to Develop New Tech Markets

Woo hoo!  Account-based marketing (ABM) is the next DC Marketing Tech Talk next week. At WaveLength Analytics, Account-based Marketing is a favorite topic. We’ve been preaching it long [...]


5 Steps to Great User Personas for More Agile Marketing

  Time to Read:  3.5 minutes   The other night, we talked about Agile Marketing and Product Ownership.  Admittedly, it’s an edgy topic – for even fairly technically inclined [...]


The Changing Marketing Influence Mix in the New Cloud Computing Era

Time to Read:  5 minutes   Cloud solutions are the changing marketing influences mix just as fast as they are changing IT. As we all know, the cloud solutions market is big and fragmented. [...]


Enterprise Buying Strategies for Cloud Infrastructure Services

As we discussed in our first blog of our cloud infrastructure study, the market is changing fast with big changes in how enterprises consume IT.  More and more, we see new enterprise buying [...]

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