Expect More Artificial Intelligence in Marketing in New Year


Ways to Do Better Marketing Tracking Studies


Marketing Reporting Technology through Company Growth: Small Business Edition

  Time to Read: 2.5 minutes If you think your start-up is too small to make use of marketing reporting technology, think again. In the digital age, pretty much everyone is swimming in data. [...]

Data Management Platform and Ad Tech: Barclaycard on the Adobe Ad Cloud

Time to Read: 4.5 minutes Last week, we attended an event on the Adobe Ad Cloud. To be exact, a Barclaycard marketer talked about her experiences with it. Before we dive in, let’s first take a [...]


Solving B2C Marketing Problems With Technology

Time to read: 5 Minutes   We kicked off the Martech Magnified 2018 Conference with an awesome presentation from Mike Lukich of Total Wine & More, who had some insightful things to say [...]


Apps that Help Organizations Better Connect with Customers and Thrive

Last week in DC – we went to 2 great vendor events to check out new vendors and technologies. Those vendor events? We went to see ServiceNow CSM, a technology that collects and prioritizes [...]


Technology Shortcuts to Customer Knowledge

The last DC Marketing Tech Talk talked about Tips, Tools, and Data to Improve Customer Engagement (CEM). In my vision of a perfect DC Marketing Tech Talk, two terrific speakers took the stage. [...]


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