How the Facebook Meltdown Affects Marketers

3 Minute Read July 26th 2018 was historic for the stock market and for Facebook. Its stock declined about 20% for a market capitalization loss of $113 billion in one fateful day. We’re not [...]

Enterprise Buying Strategies for Cloud Infrastructure Services

As we discussed in our first blog of our cloud infrastructure study, the market is changing fast with big changes in how enterprises consume IT.  More and more, we see new enterprise buying [...]

New IT Infrastructure Services and Service Provider Revenue

  We recently took on the challenge of researching the Infrastructure as a Service market. These are new IT infrastructure services that are finally starting to catch on with enterprise [...]

WaveLength Tech Jobs Index Shows Demand Change in DC

As home of the federal government, Washington DC is supposed to be immune of the business cycle and demand change. Well, no more. As sequestration looms, the DC labor market once known for its [...]

How the FCC Impacts Internet Providers

On April 6th, a federal appeals court ruled that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not have authority to regulate how Internet service providers manage their network. At issue is [...]

Hard Drives and Data Risks

Extending use of computing devices is critical to creating more sustainable consumption. We can reduce waste. We can reduce also energy required to extract materials and build new devices. too. [...]

Reflections on RSA – Security is Really a Control and Data Management Problem

This week, I went to RSA, an event where security vendors and professionals connect. As mentioned in the past, security is paramount to the sustainability of the network.   To leverage the [...]