Start Using Machine Learning to Improve Marketing

Time to read: 1.5 Minutes   Machine learning for marketing is getting more and more attention. Last November, Entrepreneur published the 5 Reasons Machine Learning is the Future of [...]

Machine Learning for Marketers: Tiny Primer on a Huge Topic

Time to read: 5 Minutes   At an upcoming DC Marketing Tech Talk, we’re diving into machine learning for marketers.  It’s called ML for short. This technology helps marketers with [...]

WL Announces our 2012 Report on the Continuing Enterprise Cloud Market Evolution

Together with Winn Technology Group, the WaveLength team releases the first of its three-volume series, The Continuing Enterprise Cloud Market Evolution. Our series aims to help IT, telecom, [...]

Enterprise Buying Strategies for Cloud Infrastructure Services

As we discussed in our first blog of our cloud infrastructure study, the market is changing fast with big changes in how enterprises consume IT.  More and more, we see new enterprise buying [...]

How to Research Product Features in Technology

We do a lot of market research to help technology and telecom companies grow. Most of our work is for new markets. Some is, although, for new products or even new launches. Some of it, even, is [...]

The Future, Enormous Impact of IPv6 on Marketing

The networked world is about to get, well, even more networked.  The biggest obstacle right now is that there’s not enough IP addresses left in the old addressing system, IPv4.  Yes, world, [...]