Tips to Skyrocket Engagement with Online Calculators and Interactive Tools for TCO/ROI

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Seeing is believing. Interactive content. Online calculators. Business cases. Whatever you want to call them, they show and tell your economic story. They also build engagement, and close deals. In a very fun, fun, way.

Every sale is an economic decision. This is particularly true in technology. And nothing proves the economic benefit better than interactive tools and business cases. We love using Return on Investment (ROI) or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) online calculator tools. Hands down, they’re the best tools. They are the most effective lead generation assets in a your marketing toolbox.
And there’s no way online calculators can ever get the Same-y Disease. Or at least, awesome online calculators are immune.

What Makes Online Calculators Great for Leads?

First, the best online calculators highlight both your value and differentiation. If you can make it easy, then all the better, of course.

How do you pull this off? Why, follow our quick rules, of course.

3 Interactive Content Rules for Tools that Work:

  • Online calculators are great ways to show a feature and price comparison.

For example, if you offer feature and your closest competitor does not. Use a calculator to highlight the gap. So what if you are a market leader and don’t compete on price?
  • Online calculators should show your value when you don’t compete on price.

This means you prove how much money a prospect can save with your solution. Or you can show how your solution improves operations. But what if you’re not a market leader?
  • Online calculators show how your solution is better, cheaper, or saves money when you’re chasing a market leader.

If you are not the market leader and chase one instead, you can compete on both price and value. 

Above all, online calculators also need to be easy-to-use and understand. Further, they need to be  transparent and credible. Great design and usability always a big help, too.  But note, this does not mean these models are simple. They might look easy. But, under the hood, there’s usually a complicated set of calculations behind them.

Online Calculators: Effective at the Funnel Top and Bottom

We love to use online calculator tools as the first email in outbound email campaigns. You give prospects a tangible tool that helps them work through a problem in an engaging way.  And you’ll get high campaign opt-in rates.  It’s always win-win.
We also love to use quick and easy online tools embedded in an email. This method jumpstarts engagement. Especially when your email leads to a more  complex, personalized tool. Such online calculators make the greatest sales closers.
Every strategy needs to include tools that prove value. Take a look at our tool Enterprise Cloud Services Revenue Opportunity Calculator; it shows the huge revenue opportunity.
Also, check out our case studies.  he first online calculator for a product launch that grew into a long-term marketing campaign masterpiece. Another second case showcases a technology partnership’s value to customers.
Pretty cool or what?  Yes.
Seen marketing materials exactly like these before? No.
Now imagine if you had one? 

Yes, Sales.  Lots of Sales.

Know someone suffering from Same-y Disease? The simple, kind act of sharing this blog may save them.

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