Best Marketing Data Sets for Market Analysis and Lead Gen

  Time to read: 4 Minutes   So how can a company get its hands on the best marketing data sets? We’re not talking about marketing reporting technology, but data that they might [...]

Can Artificial Intelligence Write Effective Marketing Content?

  Time to read: 4 Minutes Compelling marketing blogs and content that inspires action, at its deepest root, is emotionally-driven. You read about a new app, imagine how easy it will make [...]

Apps that Help Organizations Better Connect with Customers and Thrive

Last week in DC – we went to 2 great vendor events to check out new vendors and technologies. Those vendor events? We went to see ServiceNow CSM, a technology that collects and prioritizes [...]

5 Considerations for Choosing Location-based Data for Marketing

Time to read: 3 minutes Mobile marketing, empowered by location-based data, is big.  According to BIA/Kelsey, mobile advertising alone is nearly $20 billion in 2018.  Big markets mean marketers [...]

Why Your Strategy Starts with Knowing Total Addressable Market

Time to read: 2 Minutes Most marketers and business people don’t start here. But they should and we’re here to lay out the case for why your strategy starts with knowing total [...]

ABM and Choosing B2B Target Accounts

  We talked about B2B Account-based Marketing (ABM) in our last DC Marketing Tech Talk.  For those of you new to ABM, it’s a strategic approach where marketing and sales teams first [...]

Account-based Marketing Best Way to Develop New Tech Markets

Woo hoo!  Account-based marketing (ABM) is the next DC Marketing Tech Talk next week. At WaveLength Analytics, Account-based Marketing is a favorite topic. We’ve been preaching it long [...]

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