Analytics and Marketing Campaigns

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Why combine analytics and marketing campaigns?

We get this question a lot, so it’s time for an answer.

According to Wikipedia, the definition of analytics is the discovery, interpretation and communications of meaningful patterns in data.

Organizations use marketing data and analytics for the usual reasons like:

  1.  Research markets
  2.  Set the strategic direction of firms
  3.  Set goals and objectives of the marketing plan
  4.  Plan products, features and functions
  5.  Make decisions to guide marketing tactics and campaigns, the heart of any marketing plan

In reality, analytics has many uses.  There’s also a constantly growing amount of data… and data coming from transactions, online surveys, and machines.  In fact, we believe that machine-generated data will lead to the biggest data gold mine for marketers ever.  Increasingly, analytics and marketing campaigns will be a part of this gold mine.  Marketers will be able to watch performance of changing marketing channels more closely than ever before.

Using analytics and marketing campaigns together will enable performance measurement at the beginning, during, and after campaigns to make mid-course corrections and do post-marketing campaign evaluations.

Analytics and Marketing Campaigns:  Effective Content Marketing Assets

There’s another aspect to analytics and marketing campaigns, too.  Data and analytics are also the basis of powerful content marketing assets.  Primary research is often packaged into eBooks, white papers, and Infographics for top of funnel pull.  Online calculators or TCO and ROI tools are great to later stages of the sale.  In fact, detailed and personalized calculators are great closers.

At WaveLength, we believe that data and analytics will make marketing more and more powerful.  In the future, CIOs will align closely with CMOs.  The new grooming ground for CEOs will be the marketing department.

So the smart and ambitious marketer should start now to add metrics to their toolkit.  Creating, understanding, and communicating analytics and marketing campaigns performance will be the skill set that makes the modern marketer stand apart from peers.

Let us show you the way.

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