Sometimes Smaller is Better… Really Now?

 In Demand Generation

Now that I have your attention…

In B2B channel partner lead gen, there’s finally a better way.  A small number of qualified leads with a higher likelihood of a sale is better than just renting a long list of names.  For example, I give a channel partner 500 leads using traditional lead gen methods.  He then spends far too much time weeding through them.  Obviously, it leaves little follow-up time — the follow-up time that most prospects need to decide to buy.

Of course, you know what happens next.

The reseller or account rep declares that ALL leads are a complete waste.  Only because they actually called a handful– without success.  Of course, this is enough to pronounce them all worthless.

That’s why I am done with the traditional approach for channel partner lead gen.   I prefer to focus on delivering a small number of high quality leads that are actually worth the time for follow-up.

Using Call Centers for Channel Partner Lead Gen is Way Better

A call center for channel partner lead gen is better than relying on the same, old list rentals.   Using a call center for an outbound campaign, I jump straight to qualified leads where I already know the companies I’m targeting (this part is a must).

Starting with my ideal target list of organizations with a higher likelihood of needing my technology, the call center does the heavy lifting.  First, they get busy qualifying the contact and grading the lead.  Second, they get great intelligence on my ideal target organizations.

Best of all, when that call center builds out my ideal target list, they almost always turns up the exact individuals who ultimately make buying decisions.  Oh, and that makes for a faster sale.

It Takes an Awful Lot of Leads to Make a Single Sale

So, this means it’s slow and expensive.  On average, the conversion rule is 1000 leads convert to 2.5 sales.  In the era of scarce marketing and sales resources, it’s better to focus limited marketing dollars more wisely on:

  1. Build a list of Ideal prospect companies/organization
  2. Populate that list with individual decision-makers using a call center
  3. Do a strong outbound campaign using an e-Book, online calculators, or webinars to opt-in your prospects
  4. Create content assets for partners and resellers to offer website visitors
  5. Continue to nurture prospects using an offer  where the prospect gives contact information to grow your contact lists

By going directly to the correct target list, the right target contact and building your smaller and focused list will shorten your sales cycle and lower your cost per lead (CPL).

Oh, you’ll have a channel partner lead gen program that makes for happier channel partners, too.

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